Worried about being ready for a return to GCSE & A Level study?

I am sure everyone would agree we are living in extraordinary times.
At some point, students will be returning to the classroom or lecture theatre after an extended break. They are likely to be rusty.
Why not use this time to improve study skills and create a record of your own family’s experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic?


Here are some suggestions:

  • Research into the origins of the outbreak & how it has travelled around the World.

  • Compare how different countries have responded to the disease & evaluate how effective these different approaches have been.

  • Interview family members to investigate how they are coping. You can do this remotely and create a video montage.

  • Where is Covid 19 yet to reach and why might this be so?

  • Create a “Good News” section showcasing examples of ingenuity in science, technology & engineering. Could you do better?

  • Collate examples of “Random Acts of Kindness” to celebrate how this pandemic is bringing out the best in people.

  • Make sure all sources are referenced correctly. This is good practice for A level & beyond introducing students to different referencing styles such as Harvard & Oxford for example.

  • Students wishing to practise their presentation skills could prepare and deliver a PowerPoint to a captive audience.  This could be shared on Zoom inviting constructive criticism.

  •  Make your own time capsule to be buried in the garden/stored in the loft etc. What is worth preserving/recording?

  • The Open University continues to offer a wide range of FREE short courses for older students. These will improve independent study skills and resilience whilst allowing freedom to choose subject content.


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